eCommerce transactions and mobile conversions jump over 30% & AOV vaults 160% after implementing Magento 2.0

Byredo is a Stockholm-based fragrance house featuring perfume, body care, home fragrances and accessories. Byredo is wholly owned by Manzanita Capital, a venture capital firm investing in home and beauty brands.

Manzanita Capital was at a technological crossroads. Each of their portfolio brands was considering replatforming their eCommerce solution. The team standardized their approach on Magento 2.0 in order to improve cost efficiency and leverage development efforts across their portfolio.

Manzanita Capital chose Byredo as the Beta site for Magento 2.0 based on their innovative business model and brand identity. Their existing platform was cumbersome and kept them from conveying their unique brand style effectively. The company needed an eCommerce platform that could scale to support their global expansion, and they weren’t confident that their current platform could keep up. As with the other portfolio companies, eCommerce will be a main sales channel driving future Byredo revenue. Having a scalable and flexible platform that enabled them to create a differentiated global brand experience was critical for their business.

Manzanita Capital and Byredo looked for a platform that could handle the complexity of multiple brands in multiple countries all running on a common backend. Under the leadership of Gold Solution Partner, Session Digital Ltd., the team went through an extensive RFP process. They evaluated Demandware, and Hybris but found these solutions too big, too expensive and not nearly as flexible as Magento 2.0.

The availability of a modern tech stack and code base, responsive design templates and efficient libraries, gave the team the flexibility they needed to design and deliver unique shopping experiences for each brand.  The “out-of-the box” enterprise performance and scalability clearly supported their anticipated growth.

“Magento 2.0 allows us to spend time on creative rather than code. The functionality available out-of-the-box was easy to learn and work with. We can leverage the back-end platform across our portfolio while still delivering unique customer experiences for each brand,” said Rob Bostock, Director of Technology for SpaceNK (a Manzanita Capital portfolio company) and the driving force behind the move to Magento 2.0.

The investment in Magento 2.0 positioned the company for the future, as they started with the newest technology and were confident of the upgrade path. The entire project including design, development, build and testing was completed in three-and-a-half months allowing Byredo to launch in advance of the busy holiday shopping season. 

The impact of the new site has been significant. Year-over-year (December 2014 to December 2015), it showed an increase in eCommerce transactions of more than 30% while the average order value has jumped 160%. Plus, total mobile sessions have gone up by more than 50% and the conversions are up by more than 30%.

Ahhh…the sweet smell of success.

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