Gift cards rank high on everyone’s holiday wish lists. According to The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA), gift card and voucher sales have been steadily increasing in the UK, with a 6.14 percent increase in Q4 of 2014, and a 9.7 percent increase in B2B gift card and vouchers sales in the first half of 2015. This growth isn’t likely to slow as the largest group of gift card buyers—the digital-savvy, under-thirty-five crowd—is just flexing its buying power.

At One4all, we produce the market-leading multi-store gift card, available online and in Post Offices throughout the UK and Ireland, and accepted in over 22,000 outlets in the UK and over 7,000 outlets in Ireland.

At first glance, the One4all seems like a simple product, and in many ways it is. Our gift card can be purchased online, then spent by a recipient in over 30,000 outlets in the UK and Ireland, or online with selected retailers.  It’s a straightforward concept, but with a range of card designs, hundreds of retailers to manage, a personalisation product and more, all across two distinct markets, it is deceptively complex—and with our market growing, we’re growing.

Since launching our sites on the Magento platform in 2012, in conjunction with our development partner Monsoon Consulting, Magento’s long list of features and plugins has enabled us to grow the One4all web sales channel from a token 2% to double figures in the space of a few short years, with exponential growth projected for 2016.

That’s no coincidence. Seamless integration with dotmailer has allowed us to create automated email campaigns for purchasers, basket abandoners and more, requiring minimal initial groundwork for continued returns throughout the year. Magento’s membership functionality has enabled us to build a loyal base of One4all members and market to them year-round with promotions and retailer offers.

These improvements have resulted in huge increases in all the right places: revenue is up an average of 70% against 2014, our conversion rate is up 14% and we have now reached over 110,000 members across both markets. As more businesses choose to reward their staff with One4all Gift Cards, we continue to scale our use of the platform to meet the growing demand.

About Sam Wheway
Sam Wheway takes care of digital and corporate marketing for One4all Gift Cards in the UK and Ireland. Originally from Birmingham, UK, he sought out the green pastures of Dublin in late 2014 to help grow One4all’s online and B2B sales channels.

Information on rewards and incentives is available for businesses at One4all Rewards UK and One4all Rewards Ireland.