Our next-generation platform, Magento 2.0, is built on a robust, modern architecture designed to adapt and scale to meet the challenges of the increasingly complex commerce market and to keep pace with the breakneck pace of innovation. In short, it’s architected for change.

To help you understand how Magento 2.0 is designed for speed, extensibility and scalability, we’ve prepared a comprehensive white paper covering the core principles behind the Magento 2.0 architecture. The paper provides details on how the platform has been built from the ground up to be open and flexible so merchants can bring their commerce vision to fruition even faster.

“Magento 2 has taken areas Magento is famous for such as openness and flexibility, and amplified them. It has incorporated best practices around modularity and superior scalability,” said Magento Chief Architect Alan Kent. “And then it has gone further, modernizing the platform technologies and development practices including test automation and removing extension conflicts. The platform was designed with a goal to accelerate innovation, and empower developers with complete control of their implementation and full confidence and predictability in adding and developing extensions”

Among the principles of Magento architecture covered in the whitepaper are:

  • A Modern Tech Stack based on popular, innovative PHP frameworks and coding patterns.

  • Layered Product Architecture that supports the separation of visual presentation from backend business logic. This compartmentalization simplifies customization of store appearance and behavior.  Architectural layers also provide programmers with a high-level model for understanding the optimal placement of features and code in a complex system.

  • Modular Codebase to offer limitless flexibility and to enable fine grain customizations and make it easier to add or replace functionality as merchant needs change

  • Customizable Store Branding and theming to quickly create and painlessly maintain site variations for seasonal campaigns or market expansions

  • Extensive and Efficient APIs to seamlessly integrate and operate at scale with any third-party solution like ERP, PIM, OMS, CRM, CMS, promotions and taxes.

  • Automated and Built-in Testing to speed up the QA process for a faster time to market

  • And Easier Upgrades to quickly add new functionality as it becomes available with Magento’s quarterly development cycle

To learn more about Magento’s next-generation architecture: